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ANDRITZ to upgrade pulp drying line for Iggesund Paperboard, Sweden: capacity increase of up to 40%


    Der internationale Technologiekonzern ANDRITZ erhielt von Iggesund Paperboard den Auftrag zur Modernisierung der TM4-Zellstofftrocknungslinie im Werk Iggesund, Schweden. Damit soll die Kapazität der Linie von aktuell 230–260 Tagestonnen auf 325 Tagestonnen erhöht werden. Die Inbetriebnahme ist für das 4. Quartal 2015 geplant.

    ANDRITZ will deliver a customized upgrade solution including a new shoe press and steam blow box, an overhaul of the airborne dryer, and safety improvements. The capacity increase in the drying area will support Iggesund Paperboard’s goal to raise its total pulp capacity from 370,000 to 420,000 tons per year. In addition, the ANDRITZ upgrade will enhance production stability and further reduce energy costs.

    Iggesund Paperboard is a member of the Holmen Group and Europe’s leading manufacturer of high-quality virgin fiber paperboard for use in the packaging and graphics sectors.