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Andritz Oy has filed a summons application against Valmet AB

    Andritz Oy has filed a summons application with the Stockholm District Court against Valmet AB, a subsidiary of Valmet Corporation, regarding patent infringement. In the claim Andritz is asking that Valmet under a penalty ceases to utilize the patent allegedly infringing Andritz's patent and the Court to impose royalty and damages on Valmet AB with EUR 52 million and interest for the alleged infringement. 

    In previous correspondence between Valmet and Andritz, Valmet has disputed the claims of infringement as unfounded. Valmet's standpoint is based on a thorough analysis of Andritz's patent and its scope. Furthermore, the validity of Andritz's patent has been challenged by Valmet, and that matter is awaiting a decision from the Swedish Court of Patent Appeals.

    No provisions have been made concerning the claim