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“2016 China International Paper Technology Exhibition and Conference” Was Held in Shanghai


“2016 China International Paper Technology Exhibition and Conference (CIPTE)”, jointly organized by China Paper Association (CPA, China Technical Association of Paper Industry (CTAPI) and China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute (CNPPRI), and managed by China Pulp and Paper Magazines Publisher was held in World Expo Exhibition Hall, Shanghai, on October 11-13th, 2016. After years of accumulation, and under energetic supports from nationwide paper and related industries, CIPTE has become one of the most influential international exhibitions, and was highly recognized and trusted by participants and enterprises of the paper and related industries, achieving the goal of establishing platform, exchanging experience, promoting and deepening understanding in the industry, enhancing the cooperation and realizing common development. Based on the activity aim of organizing the largest, professional international exhibition in Asia, there were nearly 200 exhibitors from 20 countries and areas participating in the exhibition. The exhibition area was nearly 10000 m2.


Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of 2016 CIPTE was held on October 11th. Industry leaders attending the opening ceremony included Mr. Xie Li’an, director of department of consumer goods industry, the ministry of industry and information technology; Mr. Zhao Wei, chairman of CPA; Mr. Cao Zhenlei, executive vice chairman of CTAPI; Mr. Cao Chunyu, president of CNPPRI; Mr. Li Jianhua, president of China Paper and Pulp Industry Chamber of Commerce; Mr. Li Hongxin, honorary president of China Paper and Pulp Industry Chamber of Commerce. And some leaders from local associations and societies, and some international and national famous paper entrepreneurs including Mr. Li Chaowang, Mr. Yang Yanliang, Mr. Jiang Fengwei, Mr. Pentti Putkinen and Mr. Ye Juegui, and domestic and overseas exhibitor representatives, totally about 30 celebrities attended the opening ceremony.


The opening ceremony was chaired by Ms. Lu Baorong, vice president of CNPPRI, Mr. Cao Chunyu, president of CNPPRI, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the organizers. He pointed out that, 2016 is the beginning year of the “13th Five-Year Plan”, and the crucial year of accelerating the transformation and upgrading for paper industry, and also the critical period of implementing national innovation driven development strategy. Along with the science and technology innovation and speeding up of industry transformation, digitization, intelligentialize and greenization manufacturing trend are prominent. The exhibition will collect innovative technology, such as intelligent manufacturing and green papermaking, and comprehensive display the frontier technology and new products from international papermaking industry. The CIPTE will bring new development opportunities for supply and demand parties and China papermaking industry through communication and conversation among the participants from papermaking and related industries over the world. Hope all the Chinese and foreign enterprises could make full use of the technical exchanges and cooperation platform, and obtain fruitful results.”


Then, Mr. Xie Li’an, director of department of consumer goods industry, the ministry of industry and information technology; Mr. Zhao Wei, chairman of CPA; Mr. Cao Zhenlei, vice chairman of CTAPI; Mr. Li Jianhua, president of China Paper and Pulp Industry Chamber of Commerce; Mr. Li Hongxin, honorary president of China Paper and Pulp Industry Chamber of Commerce and Mr. Cao Chunyu, president of CNPPRI cut the ribbon jointly and officially opened the exhibition.


Leaders and Guests Visited Exhibition

After the opening ceremony, the leaders and guests visited the exhibition and communicated friendly with exhibitor representatives, they highly commended the Bangladesh negotiate area which was set for the first time.


Well known Enterprises, New Products and Technologies

At the exhibition, nearly 200 most creative and influential enterprises in paper industry both in home and overseas such as SIEMENS, Kadant, Finnish Pavilion, KAUKO, BTG, Kandas, Elof Hansson, Santasalo, Archroma, Maintech, BEKAERT, PENTAIR, Kumera, Taiwan Everlight, Cellwood, Xrite, jinanRuilian, Wuxi Ruifan, Zhejiang Huazhang, Sichuan Gaoda, Mianyang TOC, Sichuan Huanlong, Zibo Taiding, Shandong Chenzhong, Zhengzhou Yunda, Henan Dazhi, Zhengzhou Leizhan, Fujian Light Industry Machinery, ShashiLight Industry Machinery, Shandong Changhua, Shanghai Qingliang, Zhejiang Zhujizhongtai, Shanghai Jinxuan, TengzhouLihua, ChuanhuaHuayang, Luoyang Taixue, Xi’an Maituo, Zhejiang Zhengrongruida, Shandong Fengxin, Dandong Yalu-River Refining Plate, BROADENWIN, Zhejiang Pengxiang, Hangzhou Meichen, Hangzhou Shunlong, HebeiYasheng, Shandong Guiyuan, Wenzhou Lipu, etc. exhibited pulping and papermaking equipment, spareparts, accessories, automation equipment and instruments; all kinds of market pulps, papers and paperboards; waste paper treatment technologies and equipment; papermaking chemicals; new technologies and equipment for environmental protection and comprehensive application; raw materials and equipment for specialty paper and packaging materials and equipment. Numerous scientific and technological achievements and new products were integrated with the innovation technology of intelligent manufacturing and greening papermaking. The advanced technology and products, face-to-face communications and exchanges between supply and demand parties attracted professional visitors from all over the world.



Focused on Southeast Asia Market, Walked into One Belt One Road

In recent years, the relatively saturated domestic market led many papermaking equipment manufacturing enterprises to turn their sights on the Southeast Asia market where still possessed development potential, either export complete machine or set up the overseas technical service institutions; A lot of papermaking equipment manufacturing enterprises invested in overseas markets and obtained win-win results. In order to provide better service for the exhibitors and assist papermaking industry to carry out international cooperation under the sight of “One Belt One Road”, this exhibition made the first attempt at setting up China-Bangladesh negotiation area and invited professional visitors from Pakistan and other countries. The CIPTE set up a technical and economic exchanges and cooperation platform providing for the exhibitors in the Asia-Pacific region.


China International Paper Innovation and Development Forum

During the exhibition, the 2016 China International Paper Innovation and Development Forum, jointly organized by CTAPI, CPA and CNPPRI, co-organized by Henan JiangHE Paper co., LTD, Henan Dazhi Papermaking Equipment & Engineering co., LTD, Sichuan VANOV co., LTD, Shanghai Dongsheng new materials co., LTD, ABB, Valmet and Zhengzhou Yunda, and managed by China Pulp and Paper Magazines Publisher was held in World Expo Exhibition Hall, its debut attracted the industry’s extensive attention and well received.


Under the background of that innovation leads progress and science and technology win the future, the topic of this year’s innovation and development forum is “innovation-driven, intelligence manufacturing future”, along with a high-end, intelligence, professional and sharing platform built by new perspectives and new concepts, gathering with industry leaders, entrepreneur leaders, industry elite and specialists and scholars delivered excellent presentations and carried out in-depth discussions tightly around newest papermaking industry development trend, frontier research, hotspot technologies and product development. Common concerns on industry innovative development and discussions about the way of future were processed in the platform. The construction of innovation communication platform had a positive role in guidance and important practical significance for industries and enterprises.


International Paper Technical Conference gained high reputation

During the exhibition, the international paper technical conference of "CIPTE Conference 2016”, jointly organized by CTAPI, Papiertechnische Stiftuung (PTS) of German and CNPPRI, and managed by China Pulp and Paper Magazines Publisher was again on stage. In this remarkable professional conference, a number of papermaking experts from China, Germany and Canada were invited to give presentations on the industry hot spots, mainly focused on the innovative applications, waste paper recycling technology, papermaking chemicals, new type hot air drying technology and coating technology etc. of paper industry. Nearly 200 scientific and technical participants of papermaking and related industry from China, Germany, Canada, Japan, Finnish, Korea, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Malaysia etc. attended the conference.


It is the 4th CIPTE conference which provides the latest information about the frontier R&D activities of paper industry, and obtained a high praise from the representatives.



Look forward to reunion in Shenzhen 2017

China International Paper Technology Exhibition and Conference has been held for several years, which has become a great event of the industry, international Papermaking Week, its activities including large-scale paper show, innovation forum, technology conference and technical seminars .The CIPTE not only concentratively exhibits papermaking advanced technology of paper industry, but also was a large gathering of elitists of paper industry, it has become the important platform for many enterprises to promote products, develop new markets, maintain customer relationships, and to understand the development trend of the industry.


To better serve industry and get close to the areas where papermaking enterprises gather, and create more communication opportunities for client and enterprise exhibitors. The 2017 CIPTE will be held in Shenzhen, and we are looking forward to see you in Shenzhen convention center.