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2016 China International Papermaking Innovation and Development Forum Was Held in Shanghai Successfully


2016 China International Papermaking Innovation and Development Forum (CIPIDF) was held grandly in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center on Oct. 11th, 2016. The Forum was jointly organized by China Paper Association (CPA), China Technical Association of Paper Industry (CTAPI) and China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute (CNPPRI) and was managed by China Pulp and Paper Magazines Publisher. It was the first time to put innovation as the core concept in a papermaking industry forum. There were nearly 300 specialists including relevant leaders, experts both at home and aboard, well-known entrepreneurs and people in all circles of the industry attending the Forum.

On the theme of the forum “innovation-driven, intelligence manufacturing future”, the presentations and discussions focused on the topics of the latest development trend of papermaking industry, research frontier, technology hotspot, product R&D, etc. Participants entered into in-depth discussions and talked about the future of papermaking industry in innovation era. This innovation exchange platform has significant leading role for industry and enterprises on matters concerning industry development and its future.

Mr. Cao Zhenlei, executive vice chairman of CTAPI, vice general manager of Sinolight Group, presided over the conference, introducing the purpose and organization of the Forum and appreciating guests and sponsors.

Ms. Shen Genlian, chairwoman of Vanov Group, the title sponsor, made a speech on behalf of the sponsors at the opening ceremony.

Mr. Cao Chunyu, director of CNPPRI, presented a study report “The Competitiveness Report of China's Papermaking Industry in 2016” firstly, which analyze and forecast China’s and global papermaking industry in a new perspective from seven competitive levels. This report is of great reference value and positive significance to papermaking industry research and entrepreneur's decision-making.

Four leaders and experts were invited to make keynote speeches on the topics of industrial innovation, scientific and technological innovation, and method innovation respectively.

Mr. Xie Li’an, director of Consumer Goods Industry Division of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), gave a keynote speech titled “Matching National Series Strategic Planning, Promoting Papermaking Industry Reformation”, introducing several important policies issued in recent years by MIIT and giving a thematic introduction related to papermaking. The implemention of the policies will have great influence on paper industry. His speech is helpful to give clear guidance and beneficial inspiration to papermaking enterprises. Mr. Liu Xiwen, vice director and professor of Literature and Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave a keynote speech of “Opening Innovation Strategy and Technology Competition Literature and Information Service”, introducing innovation strategy and technology innovation from two competitive levels, especially the characteristics in innovation aspect of major papermaking countries and institutes based on the global papermaking patent data analysis. Mr. Frank Miletzky, director of Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS) from German, introduced the latest international paper products and technology development from a global perspective. Mr. Zhou Tao, the co-founder of Beijing 10city Creative Technology Co., Ltd, as an innovation management expert, introduced the idea of using systematic innovation strategy to promote the innovation and development of enterprises.

Four famous entrepreneurs were invited to give special speechs on organizational innovation, path innovation, independent innovation, and product innovation respectively. Mr. Li Hongxin, chairman of Sun Paper, received hearty applause when he delivered keynote speech named “Enterprises’ Strategy Selection and Market Layout in the Transformation Period”, introducing some of Sun Paper’s experience about strategy transformation, international cooperation, and layout of future, etc. Mr. Qi Yongyi, vice president of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd, combining project cases done abroad these years of the company analyzed paper and paperboard development space and cooperation prospects in the countries along the routes referring to The Belt and Road. Mr. Jiang Fengwei, president of JiangHe Paper shared the experience on the system and mechanism of the enterprise innovation from seven competitive levels. Mr. Lv Xiangyang, vice president of Sichuan Vanov Technical Fabric Co. Ltd, gave a speech named “Innovative Technologies Create New Applications for Press Fabrics”, introducing the innovations of papermaking, papermaking fabrics, and service, etc., as well the latest achievements.

The first high-end dialogue was organized after the speeches and chaired by Mr. Jiang Fengwei, the topic was “Strategy Innovation: China’s Papermaking Enterprises Development Path Selection during Thirteenth Five-Year Period”. All of Mr. Li Jianhua, chairman of the Board of Huatai Group, Mr. Li Chaowang, chairman of the Board of Vinda International, Mr. Fan Ze, vice president of Valmet’s China shared their new points on enterprise's path of strategy innovation and development. Ms. Shen Genlian chaired the second high-end dialogue. She invited Mr. Li Jiehui, vice general manager of China Paper Machinery Corporation, Mr. Shi Xiaodan, general manager of Shanghai Dongsheng New Materials Co., Ltd, Mr. Xu Chaofeng, chairman of Zhengzhou Yunda Papermaking Equipment Co., Ltd together, to discuss the model innovation concerning on the question that “Where is the New Chance of China’s Papermaking Industry”.

Finally, Mr. Cao Zhenlei said that “Thirteenth Five-Year” is a rare opportunity for papermaking industry and he believes all speeches at the forum must bring us positive thought and beneficial inspiration finally in his concluding remake. He also pointed out that innovation is the core competitiveness of the industry; development is an eternal subject of enterprise. The whole industry effort is able to catch up with the national and industry development trend, positively innovate, actively develop and create new brilliance.

This innovation Forum was title supported by Sichuan Vanov Technical Fabric Co., Ltd, co-supported by Jianghe Paper, Dazhi Paper Machinery, Shanghai Dongsheng New Materials Co., Ltd, ABB (China) Co., Ltd, Valmet (China) Co., Ltd, Zhengzhou Yunda Papermaking Equipment Co., Ltd.