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2016 CIPTE Conference Was Held Successfully in Shanghai


2016 CIPTE Conference was held successfully in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center on October 12th. 2016 CIPTE Conference was jointly organized by China Technical Association of Paper Industry, Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS) Germany and China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute, and managed by China Pulp and Paper Magazines Publisher. Nearly 200 paper-related professionals from China, Germany, Canada, Japan and Finland attended the conference. 

The opening ceremony was hosted by Mr. Cao Chunyu, secretary-general of China Technical Association of Paper Industry and president of China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute. Mr. Cao Zhenlei, executive vice-president of China Technical Association of Paper Industry, and Mr. Frank Miletzky, director of PTS board, delivered opening speeches respectively.

The morning section of the conference was hosted by Mr. Cao Chunyu. Mr. Cao Zhenlei gave a keynote address on “Overview and Outlook of China Paper Industry”. He reviewed the development of China’s Paper Industry during “12th Five-Year-Plan” period, introduced the production and consumption situation of main paper grades, analyzed the problems and challenges that paper industry faced, and forecasted the developing trend of each paper grades in the coming five years. Lastly Mr. Cao Zhenlei pointed out that, in order to achieve sustainable development of traditional industries, developing new products and exploring new markets are needed for China’s Paper Industry. He also warned the industry to focus on the negative impact of deteriorating recycled fibers quality on paper products. Mr. Frank Miletzky gave a keynote speech on “Paper & Fiber 2030: Paper industry in a change towards innovative applications under Industry 4.0”. He pointed out that paper industry is facing challenges under Industry 4.0, and proposed can involve the “Paper & Fiber 2030” projects can involve in architecture of city, living & working, health care & hygiene, mobility, nutrition sectors. Mr. Tiemo Arndt, head of Division Fibers & Composites Department in PTS, presented a speech titled “Cavitation Technologies in Stock Preparation of Recycled Fibers for Better Strength and Optical Properties”, he introduced the principles, applications, and pilot scale devices of cavitation technology, and shared the application results of cavitation technologies in preparing surfacing sizing starch, strengthening recycled fibers quality, and deinking.

The afternoon section of the conference was hosted by Mr. Fang Guigan, the vice-director of Academic Committee of China Technical Association of Paper Industry, the vice president of Research Institute of Chemical Industry of Forest Products CAF. Mr. Wolf Heilmann, managing director of Wolf Heilmann Produkte Für Die Papiererzeugung, gave a presentation on “Energy Efficient Drying and Profiling: Infrared radiation and hot air combined for improved performance”, he introduced a drying technology combining infrared radiation with hot air dryers, and the practical effects were proved by some application examples. Mr. Peter Dahlvik, a senior application engineer from Omya International AG, delivered a speech entitled “Optimizing Cost and Surface Quality by High Solids Coating”. High solids coatings create conditions for improving surface properties of paper products, reducing binder demand and saving drying energy. Ms. Ben Yuxia, the cellulosic biomaterials research leader in FPInnovations Canada, gave a presentation on the topic of “New Technology for Recovered Paper Recycling”. She introduced the application of column flotation and FP-AutoSpecksTM macrostickies online analyzer. Mr. Liu Juntai, general manager of Shenzhen Polyco Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech titled “Paper Chemicals: Present and Future”, analyzed the current situation and development of paper chemicals from five aspects: history, market, profitability, future and measures.

In panel discussion of the conference, attendees and speakers hotly discussed the topics they were interested in. In the end, Mr. Cao Chunyu made a conclusion.

The presentations of 2016 CIPTE Conference focused on the frontier and hotspot of paper industry. 2016 CIPTE Conference was successful and won general praises from attendees.