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Invitation of 2017 China International Paper Technology Exhibition and Conference (CIPTE)


In order to promote the development of China’s paper industry, display the technical achievements of paper industry, and provide a communication platform for the enterprises of paper and relative industries, after the field investigations of organizing committeeand takingindustrial developmental characteristics, regional distribution situation and other factors into consideration, China Paper Association, China Technical Association of Paper Industry and China National Pulp & Paper Research Institute will jointly host 2017 China International Paper Technology Exhibition and Conference in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, Shenzhen on September 13-15, 2017.

In 2013 CIPTE, 2014 CIPTE, 2015 CIPTE and 2016 CIPTE,more than 200 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions, such as Metso, Voith, Andritz, China Paper Machinery Corporation, ABB, Siemens,Finnish pavilion and other leading enterprises in paper industry attended the exhibition. CIPTE Conference was held during the exhibition. The topics of CIPTE Conference were the hot topics of paper industry, and were well received by exhibitors and audience. CIPTE has become the top brand exhibition of paper machinery in China.

During 2017 CIPTE,2017China InternationalPaper Innovation andDevelopment Forumand CIPTE Conference2017 will be held. Meanwhile, thematic symposium, as well as some relative technical seminars will be held at the same time. The Exhibition will be a great event of paper industry. The series of activities will make the exhibition become a real professional event, increase the amount of professional visitors, provide the opportunity for the communication and cooperation between the domestic paper enterprises and exhibitors. The exhibition certainly has good return to the exhibitors. Meanwhile, the exhibition will build a platform for paper enterprises and suppliers of equipment, raw materials, chemicals, auto-control etc., promote the development of paper industry.

In order to better publicize the exhibitors’ image, expand the market influences of their products and technology, China Pulp & Paper Magazines Publisher will rely on its transmission capacity, make full use of its magazines (China Pulp & Paper and China Paper Newsletters) to carry out the propaganda of exhibitors’ image and products from the beginning to the end of the exhibition.

1. China Paper Newsletterswill publish the exhibitor previews before the beginning of exhibition, make interviews and reports for the exhibitor, to assist         the enterprise to publicize its image and manifest its enterprise strength.

2. Before the opening of the exhibition, China Pulp & Paper will free publish the technical articles for the relative products of the exhibitors, making the         products of the enterprises fully understood and impressed by people.


3. The two journals will take on the promotion activity for the exhibitors at a very good favorable price. Articles concerned will be published on the               magazines before the opening of the exhibition, and will be distributed to the visitors free of charge during the period of exhibition, making the                   promotion of the exhibitors directly reach the users, to offer service to the exhibitors in all-directional and multi-point way.

As the organizer of the exhibition, based on the experience of holding industry exhibitions, idea of offering high-quality service and superiority on audience organization, China National Pulp & Paper Research Institute has received lots of approval and support of paper industry. In 2017 CIPTE, organizing committee will continue to keep the characteristics of large-scale, strong-professional, professional audience, high-quality seminars and practical, aim to create an industry event that provides communication platform for exhibitors and paper enterprise.


The Important Information of the Exhibition:

I. Time

Move-in time: September11-12, 2017

Exhibition time: September13-15, 2017

II. Exhibition Hall

Exhibition location:Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

Address: Fuhua Third Road,Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, China

Post code: 518048

Tel: +86755-8284880082848900

III. Exhibition Contents

²  Pulping and papermaking mechanical equipment, components, accessories, automation equipment and instruments

²  All kinds of commercial pulp, paper and boards

²  Recycled paper and recycled paper-using technologies and equipment, etc.

²  Papermaking chemicals

²  New technologies and equipment for environmental protection and comprehensive application

²  Raw materials and equipment for specialty paper

²  Packaging materials and production equipment

IV. Exhibition Cost

1. Raw space booth: no less than 36 m2 (can be designed and set up by exhibitors themselves or by appointed construction contractor)

u  A area1300 CNY /m2

u  B area1100 CNY /m2

The price of the booths at main passageway will increase 10%.


2. Standard booth3 m×3 m=9 m2

u  A area13000 CNY /booth

u  B area11000 CNY /booth

The price of the booths at main passageway will increase 10%.

Preferential policies

Ø  If 30% deposit is paid before November 30, 2016, the price will be at 5%   discount.

Ø  If the full cost is paid before November 30, 2016, will have 10% discount. One colored page of advertisement in exhibition catalogue will be given as gift for the exhibitors whose booths are 36 m2and above. Booths cannot be connected to each other. Preferential items cannot be accumulated and be cashed in.

Ø  The exhibitors who participated in the exhibition in 2015 and attend again in 2016 will enjoy 5% discount again based on the above discount.

All preferential policies will be effective until November 30, 2016. 

V. Advertisement in Exhibition Catalogue

The size of exhibition catalogue will be 210 mm×142 mm, well-printed and distributed to each visitor.








Inside front cover


Insert page 1


Inside back cover


Insert colored page


Back cover


Insert black and white page


VI. Technical Conference

Cost standard: 5000 CNY within 1 hours are included, computer projector, white board, screen, platform, chairs, microphones are included.

VII. Reservation and Confirmation

Booths are divided into raw space booth area and standard booth area. The organizing committee will arrange booths in the principle of “first corns first choose”. The exhibitors who will reserve booths, advertisement in exhibition catalogue and technical conferences please fax or mail by post the reservation list to the organizing committee and pay down payment 30% or full exhibition cost to the organizing committee within 1 month after reservation. Reserved booths, advertisement in exhibition catalogue and technical seminars will not be guaranteed available after the deadline. Please reserve and confirm as soon as possible.



Account No.: 1109 1138 0910 123

Beneficiary:China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute



The organizing committee’s contact information

Address: Room 606, Sinolight Plaza, No.4, Wangjing Qiyang Road, Chaoyang District, BeijingChina

Post code: 100102

Contact person:  Zhang Jingwen  +8610-64778167 13521035679  QQ810158510

 Gong Ling     +8610-64778166 13520123792  QQ757159546

Jin Heyi         +8610-64778168 13581723915  QQ1004915965

Liang Chuan  +8610-64778157 13521808647

Fax: +8610-64778174

E-mail: zhilinzhan@sina.com





China Paper Association

ChinaTechnical Association of Paper Industry

China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute

September 22, 2016


Reservation List of Booth, Advertisement and

Technical Seminar in 2017 CIPTE

Company Name:


Company Address


Post Code:


Contact person












Web site


Products and business



1. Booth Reservation

  (1)  Raw spacemore than 36 m2):m2   Booth No.:

      Price: CNY/ m2 ×m2

      Total price: CNY

  (2)  Standard booth3m×3m=9m2: booths   Booth No.:

      Price: CNY/booth ×booths

      Total price: CNY

2. Advertisement Reservation in Exhibition Catalogue

Inside front cover  (    ); Inside back cover (    ); Insert page 1 (    ); 

Insert colored page (    ); Insert black and white page (    ); Back cover (    )

Total price:  CNY

3. Technical Seminars Reservation

Planning to hold()seminars

Total price: CNY

Main topic:




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