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2017 China International Paper Innovation Forum Will Be Held in Shenzhen in September


 In 2017, the 13th Five-Year Plans is carried out roundly, supply-side structural reform is deepened. On the two sessions this year, China again put innovation on an important position, clearly indicated that relying on innovation to promote the transformation of new and old energy, and leading the optimization and upgrading of the real economy with innovation.


China's paper industry is gradually recovering from the slump after transformation and upgrading, capacity optimization, innovation and reconstitution, improving quality and efficiency and a comprehensive strategic layout, and enters the new period of industry development. Facing the future, the paper industry needs new thinking and new ideas in the era of globalization, strengthens the sense and impetus of innovation, and comprehensively creates new advantages and competitiveness of China’s paper industry.


China Technical Association of Paper Industry,China Paper Association, China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute will jointly host 2017 China International Paper Innovation and Development Forum in Shenzhen, China, on September 12-13th, 2017. The Forum takes open innovation, value communion as the main themes, invites innovation experts, industrial experts and famous entrepreneurs both at home and abroad, encircles the development trend of paper industry, world strategy pattern, construction of competitive advantage, application of intelligent manufacturing, technological innovation and other hot topics to enter into in-depth analysis, discussion and communication, and continues to lead the innovation and development of paper industry.


The Forum will be held in conjunction with 2017China International Paper Technology Exhibition (September 13-15th) and 2017ChinaInternational Paper Technical Conference (September 14th), and related matters are notified as follows.


I. Date and Venue of the Event

1. Forum Registration

    Time: September 12th13:0018:00

    Venue: Pending

2. Welcome Banquet

    Time: September 12th18:0021:00

    Venue: Pending

3. Innovation Forum

    Time: September 13th13:3018:00

    Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center


II. Contents and Topics


Welcome Banquet, Opening Ceremony, Innovation Forum, Buffet Lunch, Reciprocal Banquet


Main Topics



l  Report Promulgation

     The Competitiveness Report of China's Paper Industry in 2017


l  Keynote speeches

1.       National Innovation: Implementing the "Three Goods" Strategy to Advance Supply-Side Structural Reform


2.       Policy Innovation: Innovation Development Strategy of Paper Industry during the 13th Five-Year” Period


3.       Science and Technology Innovation: Technology Innovation Strategy and Development Path of Paper Industry


4.       Enterprise Innovation: Theories, Strategies, Methods and Tools of Enterprise Innovation


5.       Equipment Innovation: Pulp and Paper Equipment Innovation Promotes the Development of Paper Industry


6.       Technology Innovation: New Products and Technologies of International Paper Industry


l  Special speeches

1.       Organization Innovation: Innovation Concepts and Transformation of Paper Enterprise


2.       Strategic Innovation: Enterprises Internationalization Strategic Layout and Implementation


3.       Environmental Protection Innovation: The Effects of Discharge Permit System on Paper Industry


4.       Intelligent Innovation: Intelligent Plant Changes the Paper Enterprises Manufacturing Process


5.       Product Innovation: New Technologies and Trends of Waste Comprehensive Management


6.       Market Innovation: Setting Up Chinese Brands Relying on One Belt and One Road Strategy


l  High-level Dialogue

     Open Innovation Improves Enterprise’s Competitiveness


III. Contact Information

Address: Room 606 ZhongQing DaSha, No.4 Qiyang Road, Wangjing, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Post Code: 100102

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