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Poster Recruitment on2019 International Paper Technical Conference



2019 International Paper Technical Conference


Technical Conference 

October 11th 8:00--9:00 (1A Conference Room, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center)

October 11th 9:00--17:30 (1 A Conference Room, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center) 

Technical Conference: RMB BOO/person or RMB 600/person if payment is finished before September 10st", 2019. 

Note: The conference fee includes meeting material, Forum's welcome dinner and dinner, Technical Conference's coffee break and buffet lunch. The accommodation and transportation should be solved by participants themselves. Refund is not permitted after September 20th, 2019. 



International Paper Technical Conference, a brand conference during China International Paper Technology Exhibition (CIPTE), provides a platform for scientific and technological workers to learn about the latest scientific achievements and trends in the field of international papermaking and related biomass resources utilization, which now has become one of the most influential and popular academic events in China's paper industry. 


The 2019 International Paper Technical Conference is jointly organized by China Technical Association of China Pulp and Paper (CTAPI), China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute Co., Ltd. (CNPPRI) and FPlnnovations from Canada. The conference will last for one day focusing on topics of high-value utilization of biomass resources and intelligent manufacturing, during which a poster section will also be displayed. Furthermore, experts and scholars will be invited to deliver speeches on topics of comprehensive utilization of lignocellulosic resource and other research hot spots. The planned main topics are as follows:


Main Topics

1) Canada's Pulp, Paper, and Bioproducts Industry: Innovation Driven

2) Cellulose Filament production and Its Applications in Papermaking and Non-Traditional Composite 

3) Cellulosic Biomaterials in a Growing Tissue and Packaging Sector

4) Lignin Technology and Applications

5) 3D Printing and Its Opportunity for Pulp and Paper Industry

6) Lingcellulosic Refining and Utilization Based on Pulp and Paper Making 

7) Chemimechanical Pulps from Agriculture Residues---A Solution to Brown Fiber Supply for Corrugated Medium and Paperboard Production

8) New Generation Intelligent Manufacturing & Practice of Paper Industry

9) BioAP Refining for Maize Straw and Bamboo

10) Preparation and Latest Application of Nanocellulose

11) LEEBIO™ Technology of Biomass and Its Application in Pulp and Paper Industry