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2019 China International Paper Innovation and Development Forum


 2019 China International Paper Innovation and Development Forum 


Innovation Forum 

October 9th 14:00--18:30 (Sheraton Grand Shanghai Pudong Hotel & Residences) 

October 10th 13:30--18:30 (1 B Conference Room, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center)

Innovation Forum: RMB 1600/person or RMB 1400/person if payment is finished before September 10 st", 2019.

Note: The conference fee includes meeting material, Forum's welcome dinner and dinner, Technical Conference's coffee break and buffet lunch. The accommodation and transportation should be solved by participants themselves. Refund is not permitted after September 20th, 2019.


The year 2019 marks the 70" anniversary of the founding of New China, and China's economy has developed by leaps and bounds in the past 70 years. Science and technology is the foundation of national prosperity, innovation is the soul of national progress. At present, China has placed innovation at the core of the overall situation of national development, and ignited the engine of a powerful scientific and technological country with innovation. Standing at a new historical starting point, we are facing "Great Changes Unseen in a Century''. One of the important aspects is that a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution are speeding up the reconstruction of the world, and seizing the heights of innovation has a vital significance to the industry and enterprise development.


Innovation wins the future, intelligent manufacturing achieves development. So 2019 China International Paper Innovation and Development Forum, 丿ointly organized by China Technical Association of Paper Industry and China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute Co., Ltd., undertaken by China Pulp and Paper Magzine Publisher, co-orgnized by Runtech Systems Oy, Guangdong Chengming Chemical S&T Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou POI-TECH Intelligent Information Technology Co., Ltd. takes "Integrating innovation and development•Perceiving intelligent manufacturing power" as the main themes, will encircle the latest development trend of paper industrial innovation model, ecological construction, evolutionary model, converged development, intelligent manufacturing, trend exploration and other hot topics to set up the communicative and cooperative platform dominated by enterprises and guided by market demand, invites competent ministries' leaders, industry experts, authoritative scholars, well-known entrepreneurs, etc. to discussion and cooperation, so that innovation can be more quickly integrated into the industry, driving better development of enterprises, during which a poster section will also be displayed. 

Main Topics 

1) Strengthening the Ability of Enterprise Integration and Innovation Forward-looking the Layout of Global Value Chains 

2) Application of Intelligent Manufacturing in Paper Industry 

3) Analysis on the Hot Spot of International Investment and the Strategic Layout 

4) Sharing of the Foreign Latest Innovative Development Model, Technology and Product 

5) New Technologies and New Product Applications of Pulp and Paper Equipment and Chemicals 

6) New Trends in the High-value Utilization of Fibers 

7) High-efficiency Utilization of the Paper-making Materials and Improvement of the Enterprise Operation Efficiency 

Reports and Cases Promulgation

1) The Competitiveness Report of China's Paper Industry in 2019

2) The Development Report of China's Paper Industry Intelligent Manufacturing in 2019

3) Excellent Enterprise Cases of Pulp and Paper Scientific and Technological Innovation