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Visitor Registration:

Welcome to exhibition official website for visitor registration. After the registration is complete, we will send you registration message through mobile phones. Please show your registration message in exchange for ticket at the visitor registration counter in the exhibition.

* If you cannot make an online visitor registration, please bring your business card to the registration counter and fill in the form in exchange for ticket. If you have any problem with the registration, please call the helpline: +86-10-64778172。

Below Items with (*) Must Be Filled:
Whether to participate in technical reports?
Yes No *
Whether to participate in Innovation Forum?
Yes No *
  Company Info
Company Name *
Name *
Male Female *
Position *
Country *
Address *
Telephone *
Fax *
Mobile Phone
E-mail *
Visitors Registration Form
A Type of company/organization:
01 State enterprise 05 Association/Society
02 Private Company 06 Research/Design institute
03 Joint-venture 07 College/University
04 Foreign owned company 08 Other(Please specify)
B What is your job responsibility?
09 Management 13 Purchasing
10 Production 14 Engineering/Design
11 Technical/Development/Consultant 15 Other(Please specify)
12 Marketing/Sales
C Which industry sector best describes your organization/company?
16 Pulp/paper machinery distributary 23 Agents
17 Chemical 24 Association/Society
18 Instrument 25 Research/Design institute
19 Automation 26 Related colleges
20 Accessory(pump,valve,screen,etc.) 27 Integrated pulp/paper mill
21 Felt/Wire 28 Other(Please specify)
22 Paper/paperboard mill
D Your purpose of visiting the exhibition: *
29 Sourcing for new items and placing orders 32 Finding agent/Joint-venture partner
30 Looking for new suppliers 33 Collecting market/product information
31 Consolidating contracts 34 Other(Please specify)
E What products are you interested in: *
35 Pulp,paper & paper board 40 Felt/Wire
36 Paper machinery and equipment 41 Environment protection
37 Chemicals 42 Specialty Paper
38 Automation control 43 Other(Please specify)
39 (Pumps,Valve,Screen)
F How do you know about our exhibition? *
44 From organizer information 47 From search engines
45 From supplier and partners 48 Form advertisements of magazines
46 From portal websites 49 Other(Please specify)


1. Registration information must be in conformity with that of your business card, or may prevent you from admission.
2. Visitors are required to register onsite if not register online or without invitation.
3. The registration information is for personal use only; if there are other peers, please register respectively.