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2018 CIPTE Conference Was Held Successfully in shanghai


The 2018 International Paper Technical Conference, co-organized by China Technical Association of Paper Industry (CTAPI), China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute Co., Ltd. (CNPPRI), Forest Products Engineers (PI) from Finland, undertaken by China Pulp & Paper Magazines Publisher, was successfully held in the World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai on August 30th, 2018. More than 200 representatives from different scientific research institutes, universities, pulp and paper factories, etc. originated from China, Finland, Canada and other countries attended the technical conference.

Mr. Cao Chunyu, Secretary-General of the CTAPI, president of the CNPPRI, and Mr. Antti Lindqvist, Managing Director of the PI addressed speeches at the opening ceremony of the 2018 International Paper Technical Conference, respectively.

"China's paper industry has made great progress in the past 40 years since the reform and opening-up, but there is still a long way to go before we successfully transform from a major papermaking country to a world papermaking power. Therefore, we need more innovative technologies to help us complete this transformation process. Scholars and experts from China, Finland and Canada will engage in discussion of hot spots and innovative technologies in pulp and paper industry at this International Paper Technical Conference, so as to provide reference for scientific and technological researchers in the industry." Secretary-General Cao Chunyu said in his opening speech.

Mr. Antti Lindqvist expressed his gratitude for cooperation again with CTAPI and CNPPRI. He added that the challenges and opportunities faced by paper industry was concomitant, new solutions were needed in both the long and short term. In the meantime, the demand for new fiber-based packaging materials, innovative coatings, new biomass materials, bioenergy, as well as energy-saving and water-saving technologies will gradually increase.

The 2018 International Paper Technical Report was hosted by Mr. Fang Guigan, Deputy Director of the Academic Exchange Committee of CTAPI, researcher of the Institute of Chemical Industry of Forest Product, Chinese Academy of Forestry.

Ms. Katariina Torvinen of VTT Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd. made the report entitled "Research Hot Spots Outlook in Pulping and Papermaking Technology" focusing on the research hotspots of biomass composites, enzyme technology, 3D biomass materials, high-value added utilization of lignin, thermoplastic fiber ester and foam forming in Finland and Europe.

Ms. Kaisa Vähänen, Business Unit President from Pöyry, introduced the laws & regulations and best available technology (BAT) in areas of wastewater emissions, emissions, waste landfill and analyzed its influences on paper industry of China and Europe in her report entitled "Environmental Policy Outlook and Implications on Paper Industry in Europe and China".

Professor Zhang Meiyun from Shaanxi University of Science & Technology made the report with title of "Recent Innovations in High Performance Fiber Based Functional Materials". Professor Zhang analyzed the characteristics of plant fiber and its defect in making specialty paper, and introduced the characteristics and development trend of high-performance fiber. The preparation and potential applications of two major high-performance fiber based functional materials, i.e., high performance aramid mica paper and aramid nanofiber were shared.

Mr. Kari Räisänen, Sales Director of EMEA, BU Paper Mill, Valmet together with Mr. Markku Hämäläinen, CEO of Kotkamills made the report of "New Innovative Products with Curtail Coating: Case Kotkamills" to introduce the case of Valmet in the development of new products using curtain coating technology and shared the practical application case of the technology in Kotkamills.

Ms. Mari Taipale, Director of the CH-bioforce, presented an economic and efficient approach in producing high quality cellulose, high-value added & high-purity hemicellulose and sulfur-free lignin in her report of "Review of New Biomass Fractionation Technologies", which will provide more opportunities for different fields.

Report given by Mr. Zhu Weiyan, Mill Director of Store Enso Beihai Mill, with the title of "Tools and Best Practices for World-class Board-making Operations" demonstrated the technological process and main products of StoreEnso Beihai Mill and shared the experience of practice and tools in world-class cardboard manufacturing process.

Professor Richard Kerekes, Professor Emeritus of Pulp and Paper Centre, The University of British Columbia, Canada, and Dr. Zhao Ruhe, CEO and chief scientist of the Tri-Y Environmental Research Institute in Canada, jointly delivered a lecture entitled "Wet Pressing Models to Reduce Energy Consumption in Papermaking". Decreasing Permeability Model (DPM) as an useful tool to reduce energy consumption during paper drying process was presented. The DPM includes all factors affecting the pressing process, which can be applied to change the operation during press to save energy. Professor Richard Kerekes and Dr. Zhao Ruhe then shared the team's new findings on characterizing fiber uniformity during pulp refining and proposed an new approach of characterizing pulp refining in their report of "Fibre Treatment Uniformity in Pulp Refining".

After all the speeches, the audiences and speakers engaged in a interactive talk on the topics they were interested in.

Secretary-General Cao Chunyu made a summary speech on behalf of the host at the closing ceremony. He delivered his gratitude to the speakers on behalf of the host for their excellent speech, PI for their support on this event and all the delegates for their attendance. He pointed out that a number of innovations and far-reaching technology and frontiers in papermaking industry had been discussed and explored in this technical conference, hoped these reports with theoretical depth and practical application could be referential for the technical studies and manufacturing applications in papermaking industry, and would promote the sustainable development of papermaking industry.